International Stevia Council

Invitation to all stakeholders in the stevia value chain



Stevia leaf extracts are one of the fastest growing food ingredients worldwide and more and more stakeholders are taking an interest in this naturally-sourced sweetener. As the authoritative voice of the global stevia industry, the International Stevia Council (ISC), is taking a new step by inviting all stakeholders in the stevia value chain to become members of the ISC. 

“We are opening the membership base of the ISC to include stevia ingredient users as well as stevia leaf growers to ensure that the ISC is representative of the complete stevia value chain. Ingredient users of stevia, typically food and beverage manufacturers or table top producers, have a great interest in better understanding where and how stevia leaf extracts are sourced. Leaf producers and stevia growers can learn more about the needs of the stevia extracts producers and the ingredient users; the ISC will be the bridge for cooperation between these two groups. The ISC offers a range of benefits to these two groups hereby giving new stakeholders the ability to influence the priority agenda of the ISC and cooperate on regulatory and technical issues of common interest to the full stevia value chain”, Larry Fernandes, ISC President. 

The ISC’s General Assembly, which was held in Frankfurt, Germany on 19 November 2013, ratified the expansion of the membership base. Any stakeholder interested in learning the benefits of joining the ISC is encouraged to contact the ISC on +32 2 761 16 51 or through e-mail at [email protected] 

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