International Stevia Council

Stevia – the natural sweetener

Do you have a sweet tooth but want to watch calories? Are you looking for a natural way to sweeten your food without the added calories? 

Here is the solution: Find out more about stevia leaf extracts and benefit from the non-calorie contributing sweetness from nature. 

A history of use, non-calorie contributing, natural: stevia leaf extract

For centuries South American natives have used the stevia plant leaf to sweeten foods and medicines. Today, the natural sweetener stevia leaf extracts are especially widespread in Asia and has arrived in modern, health conscious cooking all over the world. Become familiar with stevia leaf extract and benefit from the sweetness from nature that doesn't contribute calories.

Stevia, the natural sweetening power

The sweetness of the stevia plant is in its leaves which produce sweet compounds. These so-called steviol glycosides are 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar – depending on which glycosides are used, or in which food or beverage application. The natural sweetener from the leaves of the stevia plant is released by steeping dried stevia leaves in water, filtering and separating the liquid from the leaves and stems, and further purifying the plant extract with either water or food grade alcohol – all conventional plant extraction methods. The result is a purely natural product.

Naturally varied delight with stevia

Stevia leaf extracts are offered in a powder form, as tablets or as a syrup. They are easy to measure out, versatile in use and are perfectly suited to sweetening desserts, drinks and pastries. And this sweetness is guilt-free because stevia leaf extracts (despite their immense sweetening power) do not contribute calories and do not cause tooth decay. These qualities make this natural sweetener an attractive alternative to artificial sweeteners.

Learn more about the natural sweetener, stevia leaf extract, with the International Stevia Council. The global trade association promotes the safety, quality and recognition of natural stevia products and provides sound information about stevia leaf extracts. Click here to ask questions. 

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