International Stevia Council

The International Stevia Council Publishes Two New Useful Tools

Brussels, Belgium, 18 September 2012

The International Stevia Council (ISC) reinforces its educational role with the publication of two new tools enhancing the understanding of stevia as a non-caloric sweetener from a natural origin.

Today, the ISC announces the publication of the brochure “All about stevia” explaining what stevia is and what benefits stevia has as a sweet and non-caloric ingredient. In addition, a list of harmonized terms is published. The list related to the stevia sweetener can be referenced by anyone that wishes to learn more about stevia.

“The brochure explains what stevia extracts and their benefits are. This is done in simple words to show stevia as a new source of sweetness with no calories that is extracted from the stevia plant”, - Maria Teresa Scardigli, ISC Executive Director

“The second tool establishes harmonized definitions of terms that are commonly used when speaking about stevia. These terms range from technical/regulatory terms but also very general terms used in packages for products with stevia. The terms can be viewed as well as the brochure can be downloaded on the ISC website and visitors will find it easy to navigate from one term to another.

The ISC believes this tool will be useful to many different audiences; for example health care professionals can look for technical information, consumers can get accustomed to the linguistic definitions and industry professionals can find the exact definitions of the different stevia extracts.” 

“These two tools are good examples of the educational function of the ISC but also of the leading role the ISC is playing in the stevia industry”, - Carl Horn af Rantzien, President of the Council

“Not only are we growing our membership with the addition of Chengdu Wagott Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd and Nordzucker AG as members, we are also continuing to strengthen our Proficiency Testing Scheme ensuring that the stevia industry has a tool to benchmark the accuracy of the methods to measure the different compounds in the stevia extracts.

Two years after its formation, the ISC will be holding its Annual Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, on 16-17 October where new Board members as well as the ISC President and the Vice-President will be elected.

The other primary purpose of the meeting is to set out the key activities for 2012-2013, some of which will include collaboration with other players in the stevia value chain.”

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