1) The International Stevia Council  Addresses the Needs of the Stevia Players Worldwide  

The International Stevia Council (ISC) is a global trade association representing the interests of all the players in the stevia value chain: leaf growers, stevia extract producers and manufacturers of steviol glcysoides, ingredient users, such as food and beverages manufacturers, as well as individuals, companies and organizations with an interest in the stevia value chain.  

Benefits of Companies Joining the ISC 

The global landscape for stevia is rapidly changing: with the increased adoption of stevia in food and beverage products, consumers’ questions concerning the safety, the plant-derived status, the labelling, the sustainability etc, are inevitably increasing, together with public scrutiny.  These are just some of the issues that the different players in the stevia value chain face and a single global voice is needed to address these challenges.    

ISC is listening, engaging and responding to these issues in order to offer the following best in practice benefits to companies involved in the production or in the use of stevia extracts and steviol glycosides:  

1. Engagement with Global Regulators to Create a Favorable Global Regulatory Landscape for Stevia 

· Support new regulatory authorizations 

· Help reduce inconsistencies in existing stevia regulations 

· Remove regulatory barriers  

· Expand stevia uses in additional food categories  

2. Global Surveillance of New Initiatives Involving Stevia 

· Develop plans to identify and mitigate risks 

3. Ingredient Reputation Management 

  · Protect the “halo” around stevia amidst new challenges 

· Promote Stevia’s unique value proposition and points of differences  

· Establish tools for an industry response to different audiences and stakeholders 

Added Member Values: 

1. A pan industry forum to influence the development of stevia:  

  • Establish a platform where the voice of all the players in the stevia value chain is heard and can influence the setting of the wider ISC industry agenda. 
  • Discuss the interests and resolve the concerns of the different members   
  • Develop programs to establish best practices guidance on aspects of interest to the members   
  • Issue industry data reports summarizing industry data and adoption trends ‎

2. A forum to engage with all industry stakeholders:  

  • Develop a common agenda with all the players in the stevia value chain to commonly address the different needs of these players  
  • Establish a dialogue amongst leaf suppliers, stevia producers and ingredient users companies to address issues of common interest. 


There are three categories of Full Members:  


Refiner members are companies engaged in the manufacturing of stevia and steviol glycosides with a purity level in accordance with JECFA specifications for steviol glycosides or equivalent approved specifications. 

Ingredient Users 

Ingredient User members are companies that use high purity stevia as an ingredient. These include food and beverage manufacturers, table top producers, flavour houses and other users of stevia. 

Leaf Growers and Producers 

Leaf Supplier members are individual or companies that grow or produce stevia leaves or are representatives of stevia producers, including national or regional stevia leaf producers’ trade associations. 

Please click here for the Brochure on the Value Proposition for Full and Associate Members in the ISC  

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Associate members are 

Stevia Stakeholders: Individuals, companies or organizations with an interest in the stevia value chain. 

Leaf Suppliers: Individual stevia leaf growers may choose to be an Associate Member and receive information about the industry. 

The benefit, the activities and the yearly dues depend on the membership categories a company chooses. 

Please click on the membership categories and the type of member that best reflects your company´s activity and you will receive an explanation on the benefits of joining the ISC, the activities related to your membership and the yearly dues. 

Please click here for the Brochure on the Value Proposition for Full and Associate Members in the ISC  

Please click here for the Application Form