Ways to Use Stevia

Stevia in Beverages 

Using stevia sweetness in beverages is an easy way to reduce the calories and sugar without ‎reducing the sweetness. With so many people concerned about added ‎sugar and calories, stevia offers the perfect solution for a wide range of consumers: adults seeking to manage ‎ weight, parents who want to give their children less sugar, diabetics and anyone who ‎is concerned about controlling calories. Stevia can be used in all types of beverages.‎ 

In hot drinks stevia is ideal in coffee and coffee drinks, chocolate-flavored drinks, ‎lattes and teas.  ‎ 

In cold drinks, stevia works particularly well with sweet fruity drinks like peach ‎and mango, fruit punches as well as acidic drinks like lemonade. ‎ 

Stevia sweeteners are also a great option to sprinkle on berries, fruits and cereal. ‎ 

Stevia in Cooking ‎ 

Stevia is heat stable so can be used in any cooking application. It is an ideal replacement ‎for sugar in foods. Since it is a high-intensity sweetener, a little goes a long way.

 Stevia sweeteners are available in many forms. It is important ‎to read the direction for use on the package to replace sweetness from sugar with the ‎proper amount of stevia sweetener for amazing culinary results.‎

Stevia in Baking ‎ 

Stevia is a great way to reduce sugar levels in baked goods, like cakes, cookies and ‎cupcakes. Please follow the directions on the package of stevia-based baking product.‎ In addition to sweetness, sugar also provides texture and volume in baked goods. New consumer products blend stevia with other zero or low-calorie ingredients, like ‎Erythritol and Chicory Root Fiber that offer baking and browning properties similar to ‎traditional sugar.

Cookies, cakes, cupcakes 

Pancakes, muffins 

Quick breads 

Other baked goods ‎ 

Stevia Compared to Other High Intensity Sweeteners

Choosing the right sugar substitute for you or your clients is largely a matter of personal ‎preference as many have a distinct taste.  Many people prefer stevia because it is a natural, ‎plant-based sugar substitute which is stable at high temperatures making it a versatile ‎replacement for sugar in cooking and baking applications. ‎ 


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