Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision 

Our aim is to be the authoritative voice for the stevia industry in order to improve the diets and health of people globally by addressing sugars and calories in food. 

The stevia industry represents all the players in the stevia value chain representing companies and/or individuals engaged: 

    • In the manufacturing of steviol glycosides with high purity levels in compliance with JECFA or similar specifications (eg refiners and producers of steviol glycosides from approved technologies), 

    • In the use of steviol glycosides as an ingredient in the manufacturing of food and beverage products, in the production of table tops and in the production of flavoring preparations for the food and drink industry, 

    • In the cultivation and/or the production of stevia leaves, 

    • In the supply, brokerage or distribution of steviol glycosides to manufacturers of steviol glycosides, manufacturers of food and beverage products and flavoring preparations. 

Our Mission

Our mission pursues the following goals.


    • Promote the wide variety of uses for stevia and steviol glycoside as a sweetener 

    • Stakeholder education including consumer education on the benefits of stevia  


    • Support stevia and steviol glycosides as a safe and trusted sweetener 

    • Be a trusted knowledge partner for regulatory bodies on the science behind the safety of stevia 


    • Support sustainable stevia production through responsible farming and processing 

    • Support accurate analytical methods and standards for measuring the purity and integrity of steviol glycosides content  


    • Provide consistent and accurate information about sources and production methods of steviol glycosides.