Summer Barbecue Tips

As a registered dietitian, I hear it all the time from clients ….”I was doing great until I went to a BBQ this weekend.” Summer barbecues do not have to mean taking a hiatus from healthy eating. Many of your traditional BBQ foods can be heavy and calorie laden, but with a few tricks and some creativity you can plan a delicious and healthy spread that will please everyone.

Switch Out the Full Fat Meats

Ribs, sausages and burgers are popular stars at any barbeque but are high in fat and calories. Try leaner fare like chicken, fish or turkey sausage. Try these marinades using stevia can help you cook a tender and tasty grilled chicken that everyone will love.

Give Your Side Dishes a Makeover

Simple substitutions can help make side dishes a lot easier on the waistline. Traditional baked beans get made over in this recipe by using stevia to replace the sugar.

Experiment with Veggies and Fruits

Meat is usually what comes to mind when you think BBQ, but veggies and fruit can really shine on the grill. No one can resist colorful veggies fresh off the grill. This delicious grilled veggie recipe will have you looking like a gourmet griller.

Enjoy Getting Creative with Drinks

It can be a nice to enjoy a cold and refreshing margarita or mojitio on a hot day, but these can add up the calories quickly. This margarita using Truvia comes in at only at 105 calories!

Get Moving

We tend to focus on the food when it comes to barbequing, but this is a great time to active with friends and family to burn off some of those calories. Go for a dip in the pool, play some ball, or dance the night away. Calories out for those calories in can help you survive a back yard BBQ with no weight gain.

Now go and enjoy a healthy, BBQ filled summer!



Carolyn ReynaudCarolyn Reynaud, MS, RD, LD is a licensed registered dietitian. She received her BS in nutrition from Michigan State University and her Masters and Certificate in Public Health from Georgia State University. She has experience working in several avenues of health care including corporate wellness, clinical disease management, research, and health promotion. She has been working as a health coach specialist for close to 6 years, where she counsels patients on preventative healthcare and helps them meet their health goals. Follow her on Twitter @ReynaudCari.